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The following are statements offered in support of Stockton School by students, alumni, parents, family, and community members. If you would like to share your own testimonial about how Stockton School has benefited your life or the life of someone you care about, please feel free to either submit them in the comments or email them to

“Being a nervous parent sending my child off to kindergarten and making a move to the Uptown community, I was extremely scared. But once people at my child’s preschool, including the teachers, planned a field trip there, I heard and saw nothing but the help that Stockton has provided such as tutoring and after school programs. But once Stockton sent home a small project for my child to collect pennies and give them to those less fortunate, I realized that everything everyone said about Stockton was true- the school isn’t just a place to learn, but a community organization, and they helped me to become a part of that community.”

“Stockton School has taught my children so much. My babies love going to school every day. In the last few years going into Stockton every day as a parent, I have learned from the teachers.”

“My family has been a part of Stockton for 5 years. Stockton School made sure oldest son had all the right tools to attend one of the top high schools- Loyola Academy. My second oldest is a seventh grader that struggles in reading and math, but thanks to his fifth grade teacher he has an IEP and is doing much better. My youngest is in kindergarten and she loves to go to school and is very comfortable with her teacher and other teachers around her.”

“Stockton is a great place to learn and be safe. Stockton School is a place that when you pack up and move out of the community, you still want your children at Stockton.”

“Stockton School has provided a solid education for my daughter who is currently in kindergarten and has given a safe and comfortable place close to home for my child to learn.”

“(My teacher) gives us food for breakfast and lunch and takes care of me when I fall on the playground.” (Kindergarten student, sent by her mother)

“Being a small family of two and me being a single parent, Stockton has provided an environment which makes us feel like a part of something much larger, a bigger family.”

“Good schools are needed! Closing a school such as Stockton will only keep the neediest children adrift. Please keep this school in operation.”

“I live in the neighborhood and would like to see improving schools stay nearby. I also think CPS’s policy of closing so many schools is a plan to make way for more charter schools. The city prefers charter schools because they receive less funding from the city and they do not have a teachers’ union for the city to negotiate with.”

“I attended this school when I was in elementary grade. I still have fond memories of the teachers and students that were present in my time. After all the schools that I’ve been too, none have a special place in my heart like Stockton. The teachers there were always understanding and caring. The students all came from similar backgrounds that helped forge great relationships. Sometimes as an adult I pass down Beacon St. just to look at the school and peek inside to remember the great learning experience I had. It would be extremely sad to see a great school like this close down. I want to make sure my children get to see the school I went to when I was their age!”

“Stockton is a good school and I don’t want my son too have too start over somewhere new.”

“I live in the neighborhood and I am also a teacher. As an educator, I know that it is impossible to teach and help all the students with different learning problems when you have more than 25 students with limited space. This school closing will creat another school in the community with overcrowded classroom. This will not end until we realize that better instruction means less students in a classroom.”

“Stockton has been a real asset to our neighborhood. Please let our children continue enjoying quality education right where they live!”

“I live right across the street from the school. Many of the students come to class accompanied by their older siblings and on foot. Having a school in walking distance is likely very important to a lot of the families in the neighborhood and encourages better attendance. Also, the last thing this neighborhood needs, with its growing gang violence and social service failures, is to close a positive force in the community and create a massive abandoned building.”

“Our neighborhood children deserve the stability, the dynamic education, the sense of pride in having Stockton School as their CPS school.”

“Stockton School must have just received millions of dollars worth of renovation. How could CPS spend our TAX DOLLARS on a school that they were just going to put on the chopping block?”

“Stockton school is an important asset to our diverse neighborhood. It deserves to be supported.”

“The school is near me, and my neighbor’s autistic child goes there. My son is on the autism spectrum and may also go there. Please reconsider and do not close this school.”

“The teachers at this school are a shining light in a low-income neighborhood. For the 9 special ed classrooms, do not change their routines and force them to go to other schools, more than most, stability is important to them.”

“This is a living, active neighborhood anchor. Neighborhood children, of neighborhood families, attend, rely on the active presence of the school. Closing schools like Stockton is a sign of despair and failure, and liable to cascade problems, not solve them. Please do not cause more problems by doing so.”

“I work at a housing program for families out of homelessness, and all of our children go there. It would be very difficult for these children to go to another school, as all of their moms are disabled. Please don’t close Stockton School. It’s a wonderful school and has always been a great school for all of our kids that go through our doors.”

“Stockton is a great school with a committed and hard working staff. They are truly doing whatever they can to help meet the needs of their diverse student population. I believe in public education and I believe in Stockton School.”

“As an uptown resident, I support the teachers and staff of Stockton Elementary School in their efforts to stand up for what they believe in. Furthermore, I thank them for all that they do each day for the children and families of the uptown community. Additionally, I am concerned about what the possible closing of Stockton represents to a Public School system that is already lacking in providing equal opportunity for all children to a quality education.”

“This is a school in my neighborhood and I believe that this school is important to revitalizing this community.”


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