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Stockton School is in no greater danger of closing than any of the other 300+ schools that CPS has labled as “underutilized.” But what is the Chicago Public School Board’s plan for Uptown schools? Right now, there is very little information being made available to the public. Stockton School has been listed as one of many “underutilized” schools by the mayor-appointed CPS Board of Directors. There are rumors swirling, many of which involve Stockton School. We know that CPS plans to close many neighborhood schools around the city, while simultaneously opening new charter schools that divert funds and resources from our students who need them most. We also know that the CPS Board of Education has a history of waiting until the last moment to notify those affected by these closings and, just this past December, were able to successfully petition the state legislature to defy state law and give them three more months to announce which schools will be closed. By doing this, CPS is wagering that it will be too late for these schools to rally support to protect their children, schools, and communities. Even if Stockton is not one of the schools that is closed by the Board of Ed, it is possible that students will be diverted from another shuttered Uptown school (“James Cappleman ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if School Closings Hit Uptown” -November 26, 2012). This could lead to larger class sizes, unfamiliar faces, displaced personel, and an increased commute for many of our students, not to mention that many teachers could be forced out of their classrooms- including special education, art, music, drama. All of this despite the fact that Stockton School has consistently used their discretionary funds to guarantee smaller class sizes for the students, the thing that has been proven by years of research to increase student performance. To punish our school for doing right by our students- for choosing to fund smaller class sizes- is not only unwise, but unconscionable.

This site is dedicated to bringing together members of all facets of our community to fight for the future of Uptown’s children.  We hope you will join us in standing up to the unelected school board as they try to divert our tax dollars to the pockets of their friends and supporters who run the charter school networks. Please check back often for more information.  If you would like to share how Stockton School has impacted your life or our community, please submit your experiences via email to  By submitting information to this address, you agree that it may be publicly posted on this site.  Names will be withheld upon request.


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