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Notice on Status of Stockton School


While we are working to support Stockton School in the Uptown community, it has come to our attention that some of our communications may have been unclear and/or misinterpreted. Stockton School is in no greater danger of closing than any other “underutilized” CPS school. CPS has listed 330 of its 680 total schools as “underutilized.” Information presented on this site has been collected from the noted sources and news outlets, including publicly available CPS data. At this time, there is no publicly acknowledged list of schools that have been targeted for action by the CPS Board of Education. Our purpose is solely to provide support for Stockton School and prepare for the possibility that it could be targeted for such action. We have no inside data regarding the intentions of the CPS Board of Education towards Stockton or any other school. It is still vitally important that we show our support for this institution in our community to make sure our voices are heard in the decision making process. We apologize for any confusion.


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