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Charter Schools Ring Up Fines, More Public Funding



An illustration of how “open-enrollment” charters pick-and-choose their students, all while claiming to serve students of every need.  This statement from the comments section is enlightening:

If there were any doubts in your minds that charter schools are selective AFTER accepting students, as well as beforehand, there shouldn’t be any more.
Is the mother guilty for failing to adequately discipline her son? Maybe. We can’t know without knowing whether or not the boy has any outstanding mental issues, etc. But that’s not the point. The point is that soon, the Chicago Bulls Charter School will no longer have to deal with him causing trouble in its classrooms and bringing down the averages on its standardized test scores (assuming it even has to deal with those — the latest charter scandals seem to involve charters wriggling out of the same sort of “accountability” measures advocated by the same people who push for more charters). When that day comes, the school can put on a look of doe-eyed innocence and assert that it didn’t kick the boy out, his mother CHOSE to withdraw him — and it was powerless to stop her!


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